The Contemporaneousness of Fluxus Products

Cecil Touchon, a contemporary Fluxus artist and gallerist, is currently organizing a new, major exhibition of Fluxus work. The work has been produced by artists who are working in the Fluxus tradition – some of whom also incorporate historical Fluxus event scores into their made-today work. Temporality has always been an important factor in Fluxus, and Cecil has shared with me a short article on the subject, that will form part of the exhibition catalog for Fluxhibition #2. I have taken the liberty of sharing part of this essay with readers of The Fluxus Blog.

When it comes to the history of fluxus it is best to think about and
study it as little as possible. History has very little to do with fluxus.

All products of fluxus activity are intended to be forever present and
should never be thought of as being a part of some historical moment.
If a fluxus product has a sense of being old or dated or historical it
may be seen as a limitation in the design of that particular product.
The design of a fluxus object or a fluxus score should always be seen
in the context of timelessness and to some degree transcend any
specific culture but be more aligned with pop culture on a global level.

If an artist spends enough time with an idea, he should be able to
strip it of any sense of being of a certain time or place…

…Many preexisting fluxus works will pass the test of time and scrutiny,
others will not. However, even the silliest of scores will find a
resonance at the right moment and with the right personality of artist
for whom such works will seem as if written with him or her in mind.

Cecil Touchon dec 26 2006

Stay tuned for more information about Fluxhibition #2 as it becomes available!

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