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Headline Haiku 2006

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Fluxus Vision: Visual Poems

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Cecil Touchon and the Ontological Museum Works


Cecil Touchon, a Fluxus artist, collage artist, and curator of the Ontological Museum has several book works for sale at the Ontological Museum's Lulu.com storefront.

A couple of outstanding samples are shown below. Be sure to visit the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction too!

Sell People Things They Don't Need.
This is the first book of Massurrealist Poetry. The following poetry has been constructed rather than invented. This is a distinction similar to the difference between a drawing and a collage. A drawing is completely fabricated by the artist while a collage is constructed from preexisting parts which have been carefully arranged or even haphazardly arranged! These arrangements are often disjointed, surprising and serendipitous.

Print: $14.99
Download: $7.50

The Fusion Series
Cecil Touchon explores the boundaries between art and poetry in these elegant and intimate papiers collages composed of bits of lettering and the empty spaces between them. Stripped of literary meaning, these works rely on composition, rhythm and visual movement to convey their meaning which is ambiguous and intuitive. These works are constructed from distressed street posters that have been carefully edited into inlayed bits of printed matter creating passages that move from figure to ground and then reverse back to figure through gentle curves, irregular grids and subtle shading techniques. Snippets of lettering almost become recognizable letters or perhap proposals for a new poetic alphabet but always slip back into forms and spaces creating enigmatic and open, simultaneously plausible interpretations.

Download: $12.95
Hardcover Print: $39.95


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