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    Intermedia and Me

    As an artist, I like to play with, test, and explore the limits and boundaries around reason. Intermedia is concerned with the spaces in which media intersect, which is one of the reasons that I am so attracted to Fluxus. For example visual poetry is poetry for the eye; falling into the space where visual art and literature intersect. Sound art is art for the ear, falling into the space where audio (music/sound) and visual art intersect. Reason tells us that visual art is not something that is meant to be appreciated with the ears, and that audio cannot be appreciated as visual art. But when audio is approached from…

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    Fluxhibition #4 (Call for Works)

    Call for Works INTERNATIONAL FLUXHIBITION #4Deadline: April 30, 2010 Fluxus Amusements, Diversions, Games, Tricks and Puzzles The Fluxmuseum will be organizing an exhibition for exhibit during 2010. This exhibition will focus on fun and games. Works including art, objects, boxes, instructions, performances, scores, ect. are sought that deal with any issue related to fun and games, tricks and puzzles, amusements and diversions. Subjects might include: any sort of crazy game, trick, magic tricks, strange things to amuse one's self with, disfuntional diversions, perplexing puzzles, etc. Dream up something, send it to: FLUXMUSEUMFLUXHIBITION #46955 Pinon StreetFort Worth, Texas 76116817-944-4000cecil_touchon@fluxmuseum.org Be sure to include a filled in Deed of Gift Form The…

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