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    Alison Knowles discusses Nam June Paik and John Cage

    Allison Knowles recently sent me this summary of her presentation for a panel discussion about John Cage and Nam June Paik: Zone: Chelsea Center for the ArtsPanel Discussion: CAGE NAM JUNE Notes about Cage and Paik;Alison Knowles I cannot imagine more unlike artists to compare which is what makes it so interesting.Paik the western man and John the Eastern man. They were well positioned to try and understand each other. Each producing so much for the cultural pot of the time and coming from such philosophical opposite places. Nam June extremely admired John, as a great pioneer whom he wished to know. He made a date and arrived at his…

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    Fluxus Featured on Treemo.com

    Featured Audio [[image:sm.jpg:Featured Audio:left:1]] Fluxoidal One from allanr uploaded: Oct 3, 18:15 | comments: 2 | views: 366 | favorites: 0 | duration: 3:05 min Fluxus, according to Wikipedia, is “an international network of artists, composers and designers noted for blending different artistic media and disciplines." Here on Treemo, some Fluxus artists, including allanr, wastedpapiers and miulew, are sharing some audio that is certain to provoke and make you think about your sense of art.

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    All Art is Political

    Regular readers of the Fluxus Blog and others familiar with my writing will recognize that I have often stated that "all art is political". In fact, I have frequently made use of that simple statement in my artwork. In today's edition of The Globe and Mail (a Toronto daily newpaper) here is an interesting editorial article in the "Comments" section by author Noah Richler. In his article Mr. Richler makes the argument that the novel is an inherently political form of literature. He discusses the novel in the context of narrative theories of understanding the world that we live in. He argues that there have historically been three kinds of…

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