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    Fluxus Artists Today

    So, where is Fluxus at the beginning of the 21st century? Well, it’s not dead. Fluxus and the Fluxus attitude are alive and well and living in a town near you. Yes really. Even George Maciuanas, who many people in the “Fluxus is dead” camp associate with Fluxus, had this to say, [Fluxus is] a way of doing things, very informal, sort of like a joke group. You know if you ask people like George Brecht, ‘Are you Fluxus?’ then he will just laugh at you. Its [sic] more like Zen than Dada in that sense. ~ G. Maciuanas in Fluxus: The History of an Attitude, p. 226, Smith, O.…

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    Fluxus Is: A Top Ten List

    Fluxus is a mini-encyclopedia of aesthetic alternatives Fluxus is everywhere at once Fluxus is not between “this” and “that” Fluxus is healthy Anti-Art Fluxus is a weed that will not go away Fluxus is a “sui generis” cultural form Fluxus is a late night radio broadcast of three to five stations at once Fluxus is a One Man Show that got out of hand Fluxus is like a chicken bone the world art dog cannot cough up Fluxus is a Virtual Reality system where the glove doesn’t work properly and the helmet doesn’t fit Composition based on text samples from “Al Hansen on Fluxus“, pgs. 81-84, Beck & Al Hansen:…

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    Who can use the Fluxus Label?

    There is no special reason that an artist today should feel entitled to apply the fluxus label to their work or to themselves. But there is no special reason that artists working today need to refrain from using the Fluxus label either. Like all labels, the Fluxus label can potentially supply information and disinformation simultaneously. Labels are like avatars or shortcuts. They are symbols for features common to all objects included in the set described by the label. But because they serve only as signs, many objects included in the set will differ from others in the same set by virtue of other features not common to the other objects.…

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    Yesterday and Today

    One part of Fluxus belongs to history, but another part still thrives today. Maybe we can think of Fluxus as being like a monarchy. Monarchs come and go. Kings and Queens are crowned and die. But the monarchy lives on. Fluxus is dead. Long live Fluxus! Fluxus on Wikipedia

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    21st Century Fluxus

    What Does Fluxus Look Like at the Dawn of the 21st Century? Before this question can be addressed, it must first be acknowledged that from the very beginnings of the Fluxus “movement” there has never been a universally accepted definition of Fluxus. There has even been reluctance to call Fluxus a movement at all, hence the quotation marks in the previous sentence. However, if one accepts the view of Fluxus expressed by Dick and Hannah Higgins, Ken Friedman, and Owen Smith, it is possible to agree on a range of work, activities, and world views that constitute Fluxus. So starting from there… what does Fluxus look like today? I propose…

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    Fluxus Pills: Good for Nothing

    [[image:flux-pills_copy1.jpg:Fluxus Pills: Good for Nothing, Allan Revich:center:0]] Sometimes one needs to sit back, relax a bit – and just chill out. Virtual Fluxus Pills are good for nothing, and that should be good enough to do the trick. So help yourself. Take a pill. Sit back and chill.

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