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    The Fluxus Community Today ©-Cecil Touchon

    Fluxus, since many people still have never even heard of it, continues to have the ability to surprise. But the advantage is, most people have been influenced by the ideas or have experienced Fluxus even though they don’t realize it. There is more subconscious precedent in the back of people’s minds today than there used to be in the past which provides resonance and people have the ability to connect with it even if they are not sure why. So there is often an almost guilty recognition among some that they ‘love this kind of stuff’ even if there is something of a disconnect. For artists this disconnect comes from…

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    FLUXFEST CHICAGO Flux-Reminder (Next Week)

    FLUXFEST CHICAGO Organized by Keith A. Buchholz and Picasso Gaglione. PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE – MCA – Chicago, week of Feb. 15th – 20th, 2011. A week long exploration of Fluxus activity, from it’s earliest scores and actions, to Contemporary re-interpretations of classic scores, and Recent works by Contemporary Fluxus Artists. Tuesday, 2/15 12:31 P.M. The New Fake Picabia Brothers Picasso Gaglione / Keith A. Buchholz Guitar Kick ( Robin Page ) Performers kick a guitar throughout galleries, until guitar is completely dismembered. – Classic performance score by an anchor artist of 70’s Fluxus, group performance led by Picasso Gaglione and Keith A. Buchholz. Tuesday, 2/15 6: 35 P.M. The Chicago Fluxus…

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