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    Laurie Simmons Comment for Collab Fest 17 & 18

    Collab Fest 17, organized and documented by Jim Leftwich, occurred on April 8, 2009. On the Flickr page for Collab Fest 17 there is a really good quote from Laurie Simmons taken from her project at ART : 21. I really like her comment because it explains so concisely the way that artists see the world around them, and are inspired by it. Laurie Simmons: “I think that artists are always doing research on their own behalf and for their work. For some artists it’s reading. For some it’s shopping. For some it’s traveling. And I think that there’s always this kind of seeking quality that artists have where they’re…

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    Fluxus on the Web

    Web sites come, and Web sites go – now is probably a good time for an updated summary of what in webland relates to Fluxus. FluxlistFluxlist is an internet discussion list for all things Fluxus. Fluxlist was launched in 1996 by Allen Bukoff, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Joe De Marco, Jon Van Oast. Currently maintained by Alan Bowman, Ross Priddle, and Allan Revich. The Fluxlist BlogIntermedia web log for Fluxlist members. Fluxlist EuropeEurocentric version of the Fluxlist Blog, open to artists outside of Europe too. OPEN FluxusFluxus social network Fluxus on Wikipedia Fluxus Heidelberg CenterRuud Janssen and Litsa Spathi archives and current work FLUX-USAA blog primarily for American Fluxus artists,…

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