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Fluxoidal One from allanr

uploaded: Oct 3, 18:15 | comments: 2 | views: 366 | favorites: 0 | duration: 3:05 min

Fluxus, according to Wikipedia, is “an international network of artists, composers and designers noted for blending different artistic media and disciplines." Here on Treemo, some Fluxus artists, including allanr, wastedpapiers and miulew, are sharing some audio that is certain to provoke and make you think about your sense of art.

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manekineko says:

Where on Treemo is his featured?

Allan says:

All 3 of us (miulew, wastedpapiers, allanr – me) are featured in the audio highlights on the front page of Treemo this week.

Also on http://www.youtube.com you can find a lot of fluxus videos. Including old ones by Dick Higgins and Yoko Ono, but also newer versions (like the ones we make).

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