Fluxus Gallerist Harry Stendhal: From Fame to Infamy

In a lawsuit filed on behalf of well know Fluxus artist, Jonas Mekas, and designer Paula Scher, Harry Stendhal, proprietor the Stendhal Gallery in New York’s Chelsea district, is alleged to have misappropriated money and artwork. Mekas and Scher charge that Harry Stendhal sold their pieces without giving them their cut and is holding millions of dollars more of their work hostage.

When they inquired of Stendhal about their art and funds, they allege that he responded by email, “Don’t fuck with me — I am warning you”.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/stendhal_is_rogue_gallery_suit_odr2YwIfjs7kWVuOECLjIK#ixzz0tr58x99h

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