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    The Fluxlist: Lists, Links, Social Media

    The Fluxlist in 2018 is as busy as it ever has been since its founding in 1996 by Fluxus co-founder Dick Higgins and friends. Some of whom (like Allen Bukoff) remain active on the list to this day. Where will you find The Fluxlist today? Facebook Group (Most of the interactivity for which the intermedia group is famous happens here) Yahoo Mail Group (The email list continuation of the original 1996 listserv) Twitter @The_Fluxlist The Fluxlist Blog on Blogspot On the Web @ the-fluxlist.com

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    Jackson Mac Low: Fluxus Poet

    Jackson Mac Low (September 12, 1922 – December 8, 2004), an early affiliate of the original group of Fluxus artists that surrounded George Maciunas, held distinction as being the first “poet of Fluxus”. While many Fluxus artists incorporated (and incorporate) text and visual poetry into the work, Mac Low was the first whose primary creative output was based in poetics. He was one of the key progenitors of mid-century chance operations for artistic creation output. In a 2014 exhibition at MoMA Mac Low was featured in The Poetry of Silence: Jackson Mac Low’s Drawing-Asymmetry In an excerpt from the exhibition text, Jordan Carter writes, In 1960, one year prior to beginning the Drawing-Asymmetry series,…

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    Forty Years of Fluxus, by Ken Friedman

    Forty Years of Fluxus By Ken Friedman Publishing history: This article is published as: Friedman, Ken. 2002. “Cuarenta Anos de Fluxus.” Fluxus y Fluxfilms,1962-2002. Berta Sichel, editor, in collaboration with Peter Frank. Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, 41-83. Copyright © Ken Friedman 2002. All rights reserved This text may be quoted and printed freely with proper acknowledgement. ________________________________________ Forty Years of Fluxus By Ken Friedman 1.The Fluxus Idea, 1962-2002 1.1 The birth of Fluxus, more or less The fortieth anniversary of Fluxus celebrates the first organized Fluxus festival in Wiesbaden, Germany. While this is convenient for exhibitions and festivals, emphasizing a time and place obscures as much…

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