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Fluxus on the Web

Web sites come, and Web sites go - now is probably a good time for an updated summary of what in webland relates to Fluxus.

Fluxlist is an internet discussion list for all things Fluxus. Fluxlist was launched in 1996 by Allen Bukoff, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Joe De Marco, Jon Van Oast. Currently maintained by Alan Bowman, Ross Priddle, and Allan Revich.

The Fluxlist Blog
Intermedia web log for Fluxlist members.

Fluxlist Europe
Eurocentric version of the Fluxlist Blog, open to artists outside of Europe too.

OPEN Fluxus
Fluxus social network

Fluxus on Wikipedia

Fluxus Heidelberg Center
Ruud Janssen and Litsa Spathi archives and current work

A blog primarily for American Fluxus artists, includes many international artists too.

Fluxus Portal
Art, archives, history, and information about all things Fluxus. Assembled and maintained by Allen Bukoff.

Fluxus Blog
You are reading it right now. The link will bring you to the main page.

Museum in Texas dedicated to Fluxus. Curated and managed by Cecil Touchon.

Contemporary Fluxus organization.

37 Fluxus Films on UBU WEB

The above links are primarily intended as resources. I will be posting an updated link list of artist currently producing fluxus work soon.

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About Allan Revich

Allan Revich is a Toronto artist and writer. His work has appeared in numerous publications, in international exhibitions, and on many websites. He is active in the international Fluxus community. He currently writes poetry, creates visual poems, and works with photography. His work includes Web-based art, mixed media art, and mail art. His books, Headline Haiku 2006, Headline Haiku 2007, and Fluxus Vision are available internationally on and its affiliates, as his most recent collection of poems, "Flux You!".

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