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About Allan Revich

Allan Revich is a Toronto artist and writer. His work has appeared in numerous publications, in international exhibitions, and on many websites. He is active in the international Fluxus community. He currently writes poetry, creates visual poems, and works with photography. His work includes Web-based art, mixed media art, and mail art.

His books, Headline Haiku 2006, Headline Haiku 2007, and Fluxus Vision are available internationally on and its affiliates, as his most recent collection of poems, “Flux You!”.

Thu Jun 04, 2015 - Mon Jun 08, 2015

Fluxus artist Picasso Gaglione will present an exhibition of his flux box sets which  he is generously donating for sale to benefit mobius.  Each box comprises all aspects of his artwork: rubber stamps, artist stamps, book design, communication and construction but are never formulaic or repetitious. They are treasure boxes of art secrets revealed. read more

Fluxus Digital Collection Launch

April 7, 2015—We are pleased to announce the launch of The Fluxus Digital Collection. This online archive gathers an eclectic range of artworks by one of the most important movements of the twentieth century. Global in scope, Fluxus members moved between the USA, Europe, East Asia, and elsewhere. They worked across and between traditional media, opting for ephemeral materials, participatory approaches, and playful humor. read more

Fluxus was an international group of thinkers, artists, composers, performers and designers that first networked themselves together in the late 1950s, then became a performance collective when they took their name in 1962, then a way of working with time and materials and eventually an art movement creating work in several dimensions and media that lasted from the early 60s through the late 70s and beyond on three continents, blazing the aesthetic trails that were to define the next half century of art history. They shattered old aesthetic boundaries and explored new ones, while grappling internally with their communal identity, under the guidance of their own conflicting, shifting, and morphing opinions of who they were and what they were up to as both a group and as individuals, without clear or firm parameters of what criteria might define their association. They ebbed and flowed as a collective, against the odds, disappearing and reemerging like a simple but mysterious prop in a magician’s routine, through schisms, chasms, reorganizations and excommunications. read more

Here's the skinny on where you'll find it happening.

Fluxfest Chicago 2015 Schedule of Events:

Thursday, Feb 19, 4-8pm: "Kiss" reception (secret location, call 314-276-4802 Day of Event for details)
Friday, Feb 20, 12-5pm: Chicago Fluxus Day (Chicago Cultural Center)
Friday, Feb 20, 7-?pm: New York Correspondance Dinner of Chicago (Berghoff's)
Saturday, Feb 21, 7-10pm: A Flux -Evening, (6018 North)
Sunday, Feb 22, 12-5pm: Listening party, (6018 North) read more

Dates are now confirmed for this year's annual Chicago Fluxfest.

Thursday, February 19 through Sunday, February 22.

Nearby Hotels include (in order of price in CDN$)

The poster and more details will be posted as soon as they become available. read more

THE CAVELLINI FESTIVAL IN NYC 3 day celebration of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini Nov. 14 to 16 to celebrate GAC's centennial 1914-2014 Friday night November 14 530 pm to 730 pm Reception at Museum of Modern Art library to see their mailings received from Cavellini and to celebrate him and to look at their current mail art historical show called "Analog Network." Museum of Modern Art, Cullman Education Building, 4 W 54 St., New York. Saturday November 15 10 am Meet and go to the various museums around town and unfurl a Cavellini 1914-2014 banner for the purposes of self-historification. Meet at Guggenheim Museum at 10 am. 12 to 2 pm Richard L. Feigen & Co. viewing of "Ray Johnson's Art World" exhibition with their archivist, Diana Bowers. 34 E 69th St, New York, NY. 3 to 5pm Lynch Tham, a gallery on the Lower East Side presents a centennial exhibition of works of Cavellini from his estate and some performances. 175 Rivington Street, New York, NY. 6-10 pm Whitebox Art Center Lower East Side for a mail art show in honor of GAC. Opening, performances and poetry readings. 329 Broome Street, New York, NY. Whitebox and Lynch Tham Performance Lineup: Performances by: Mark Bloch | Britta Wheeler as Belinda Powell | William Evertson from Easthampton, Connecticut Giovanni and Renatta Strada from Ravenna, Italy | Pasha Radetzki from the Republic of Belarus Poetry by Valery Oisteanu | Steve Dalachinsky | Yuko Otomo | Ron Kolm | Bonny Finberg Jeffrey Cyphers Wright | Allan Graubard Music by Antonello Parisi (piano rhodes) with Michael Gam (bass) and Julieta Eugenio (tenor sax) Video by Richard Kostelanetz | Galeazzo Nardini and the Italian Museum | Jennifer Weigel Guglielmo Achille Cavellini and others Sunday November 16 9:30 am New York Correspondence Brunch Meeting in honor of Cavellini and Ray Johnson and also Buster Cleveland, John Evans, Dick Higgins, David Cole, Fernand Barbot, Carlo Pittore and other late New York mail artists at Katz's Deli. 205 E. Houston St, New York, NY. 3 day celebration of Cavellini Nov. 14 to 16 to celebrate GAC 1914-2014. Organized by Mark Bloch read more

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